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November 23, 2009, 2:12 pm
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Part 3: Using interviews to go deeper- October 7, 2009

For this audience and subject, find at least 2 appropriate people to interview to gain more insight. Design and present your findings.


During critique the class looked at their assignments, to bring in a somewhat structured piece with 5 important elements, as well as a mood board.  Some students showed works that were an extension of the previous concepts they attempted, while others took their previous ideas in new directions. Once the work was displayed the class discussed the strategies that were explored and determined how close or how far away each student was from their goals. For the most part each student had made significant progress.

Studio Time

Studio Time was spent by most students expounding further on the elements that were in their work, and investigating new ways to express their ideas.


This week the students seemed to be finding their way, and gaining a new understanding behind the preliminary stages of the process. Pretty soon they will be putting together all that they’ve compared from the beginning of the class until now, and beginning to construct their own works that are informed by this process. It definitely appears that all of the students seem excited about where they are going, and are enthusiastic about this process of development that they’ve encountered. With the end in mind, they are assured that the process will help them to be better designers.

–Lauren Cross, Graduate Assistant

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