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Exploring Visual Identity
November 23, 2009, 1:53 pm
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Part 5: Practicing iteration: Visual identity- October 30,2009

Class review on what makes successful visual identity and graphic design. Using your own research and own writing, create a design that explains what green technology is in a voice appropriate for middle and high school students. Generate 3 concepts.

Professor Sansone presenting visual identity lecture.


Professor Sansone created an excellent presentation  in both sections of the Visual Research courses, based on  the companies/organizations that have created successful visual identities and graphic designs. This lecture seemed to enlighten the students to the potential of their designs in making a similar impact. After prior weeks of researching and coming up with design strategies, it evident that the students were excited to get started on the “meat” of the assignment, and pull things together. I was excited for them, and I believe the work that they’ve poured into researching green technology will strengthen their final works.

Introduction to Visual Research: Section 2 Observation

Also, I was formally introduced to the second section of the Visual Research course at AIB. It takes place from 3:20-6:05 p.m., in a different building, so the atmosphere and environment was surprisingly different. These group of students bring to the forefront their own strengths and abilities that are unique and different from the earlier class. I look forward to observing them more to see how they’ve progressed along their journey through visual research.

– Lauren Cross, Graduate Assistant


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